Album Review: Transit – “Joyride”


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Originally posted on January 14th, 2015.

Boston, Massachusetts’ Transit really started making an impact on the scene in the late 2000’s. They broke through to a lot of people with their third official release, 2009’s Stay Home EP, which was reminiscent of melodic hardcore bands like Lifetime and Small Brown Bike. 2010’s full-length Keep This To Yourself (on Run For Cover) placed them in front of newer audiences and they soon signed to Rise Records, on which they released 2011’s Listen and Forgive, which, with its cleaner guitars and twinkly-ness, was much more like American Football than Tell All Your Friends. While people loved the album, a transition as extreme as this left fans wondering what the next one would sound like. That said, 2013’s Young New England was the band’s delve into poppier music, although the record still contained a heavy emo-influence, primarily in the guitar work (like all Transit records do). The album, however, was a bittersweet sound to a lot of fans, old and new.

That leads us to 2014’s Joyride, out now on Rise Records. Shortly before the album’s release, Transit announced the leaving of long-time guitarist Tim Landers, who had played on every release prior (Landers himself shared on social media that all of his parts would be likely removed from Joyride’s final mixes). That said, how did Joyride hold up?

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