What Going to College Taught Me About Being a Musician


Photo of Brian May, courtesy of Mark Kent.
Article property of Pyragraph.com
Originally posted on June 17th, 2015.

It’s known that a lot of musicians skip out on college. They view it as a waste of time, since their primary focus is getting their music career off the ground. Of course, an actual “career” in music (or really any art) isn’t ever guaranteed. The fact is that a lot of successful musicians have degrees. Heck, even Fat Mike has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. I would definitely say that going to college taught me how to learn in general and gave me some of the skills I’ve expanded on as a musician. Now I’m more proficient in my hobby and passion as a musician. Here’s a few things my college experience taught me…

Find out what college taught me about being a musician at Pyragraph’s site!


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