Your Cheapest Options: Where to Sleep on Tour


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Originally published on June 10th, 2015

The thing that makes touring so exciting is the new local adventures you have in each town. Since you’re only there for a short amount of time and are generally spending time with people who live there (bands, promoters, showgoers), it’s not a touristy experience as much as it is an everyday experience of life in that place. This includes going to local bars and restaurants, parks in walking distance of venues, malls, and movie theaters—you know, things you’d do if you lived there.

Of course, something that’s not so common to those living there is finding random floors to sleep on every night. And frankly, that can be really stressful and ruin your stay. From touring over the past few years, I’ve come up with a good set of options and tips for finding a place to stay on the road.

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