EP Review: Home Movies – “Hell”


Article originally posted on September 10th, 2015.
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Home Movies (formerly Stanley and the Search) are a Los Angeles pop punk band, similar to the current wave of bands like The Story So Far and State Champs. Their new record, Hell, is something that, in motive, should be appreciated. You can tell simply by the instrumentation that they are definitely trying to do something new with their sound, which is great because they’re in a genre that’s watered down and oversaturated with hundreds of cookie cutter bands. However, they don’t quite succeed to break the mold as much as they would hope.

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Home Security IS Family Security

Image taken from examiner.com
Article originally posted on isaywhatever.com

I may not ever want an alarm system, but home security is something I occasionally think about. Surprisingly, most families I know just lock their doors. But that surely can’t be enough, can it?

I did some research on different ways people protect their home. Some of the things were simple and practical, and some were very strange.

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The 7 Kinds of People You Stay With on Tour

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Originally Posted on October 5th, 2015.

Most people I’ve stayed with on tour are really great (see Mr. Let-Me-Make-You-Breakfast or Mr. Cool), but everyone has stories where they would have been more than happy to just sleep in the van for a night. Most people I know who tour would agree that the people I’ve described here are accurate descriptions of situations they’ve been in or heard of, so let’s take a look at the selection of people you stay with on tour.

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