Elederly Abuse: An Overlooked Problem


Article originally posted on October 31, 2015.
Property of I Say Whatever.

My great grandmother, before she passed over a decade ago, fell and broke her hip in her own house. She was, for a short time afterward, put in a nursing home while healing, as she lived alone and my grandparents did not have the means to properly take care of her physical/medical situation. I was very young, but I’ve been told that, upon moving to the home, she had been found on the floor of the care center with new bruises and reportedly said things along the lines of “why did they hurt me? What did I do?” This breaks my heart, as it should break anyone’s. The sad fact is however that my Great Grandma was not an isolated case. You’ve probably heard several stories of people being abused in nursing homes, but how often it actually happens might amaze you.

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