EP Review: Suis La Lune – “Distance / Closure”


Article originally posted on December 22nd, 2015.
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Originally, I was going to write off Sias La Lune as one of those “bad version” [screamo] bands, although the band has been around for a while and had successful, well-regarded records previously. A Facebook friend then posted a song from Distance / Closure on my timeline, noting this particular song (“Within”) was one of the more “epic” songs from the genre this year. I thus decided maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to cynically write Suis La Lune off, and maybe there’s something I’m missing. Thus, I give you my review of Distance / Closure.

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Sketchy Tour Tales: The House of Cigarettes, Weed, and a Sheetless Mattress

Picture courtesy of Stepbrothers.
Article belongs to Pyragraph, originally published on December 22, 2015.

The guys in Stepbrothers have told me this story in person several times, so I thought it’d be a great way to start off this collection of weird touring stories. Thanks to their guitarist Taylor for writing this up!

We got to the house at around midnight and the only people in sight were two hippies sitting on the front porch. No one was home.Shortly after a car pulled up—nearly hitting the hitch on our van—and a pile of drunken idiots, that 12-year-old kid from the show, and his mom all got out. The first thing we heard was the mom saying, “Why are they here? I never said they could be here!” Despite this, she let us into their home.

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Free Streaming – A Musician’s Saving Grace

Originally posted on December 16th, 2015.
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The topic of free music on the internet has been a point of discussion since the late 90’s, and with how much the industry and culture as a whole has evolved with technological progress, the conversation has changed a reasonable amount. In 2015, we have somewhat of a mediary with streaming services that don’t allow downloads, but let the music be listened to for free. While the debate can go back and forth between the opinion that artists shouldn’t care to the claim that streaming does nothing for an artist financially, I’m here to defend the thought that maybe it actually does.

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Touring Pastimes

Originally published on June 25, 2015.
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I remember reading an article in Alternative Press a long time ago that quoted Sean P. Rogan (the previous guitarist of Big D & The Kids Table) in which he talked about cool ways to spend time and money on tour. I can’t find any of it on the internet but sometimes I think of it before a tour and think about the adventures I’ve had while on the road, and the ones I’ve skipped out on and regret not partaking in. I’m not alone in the latter. The fact is, I know way too many musicians who spend too much time in their van (driving or not) and who don’t really explore where they’re playing. You don’t always need an off day to find time for that. Here’s some places my bandmates and I like to visit with limited time in different cities.

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