Music Review: Spring Cleaning? Here’s 10 New Releases To Check Out While You Work

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Originally published on March 16th, 2016.
Thanks to my good friend Dan for allowing me to write something for his great new website!

I like to listen to new music while I do any kind of work. And with Spring Cleaning being more of a thing every year I further my sad trek into adulthood, I optimistically find that the opportunities to explore new music increase. Every year, some amazing band puts out an incredible record and nobody knows about it. And while there’s plenty of great articles that might help you with spring cleaning there’s never enough that compile those early-year releases.

My iHome recently broke, but yours may not have, so blast these records and do some work.

(P.S. Yes this is mostly an excuse for me to write about records I like).

Read about my favorite releases of the last three months, including albums by Basement, Southtowne Lanes, Face to Face and a 7″ by the all mighty Starting Line here.




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