5 Ways To Ruin Your Career

An old article posted to my Kinja account for preservation on May 31st, 2016.

While it’s easy to think of your work life and your home life in two different categories, employers view your more personal life as reflective of their company. While you may be getting away with some risky business, there may still be enough to put you out of employment.

  1. Addiction to and Abuse of Drugs or Alcohol
    In the United States, drug use is criminalized. A criminal record will typically disqualify or at least lessen your chances of being hired. Regardless, there’s another aspect of these things that can hurt your career: lack of self control, specifically with addiction (that is, not just the use of substances, but the utter dependence on them). Being a slave to these things can actually make you bad at your job and unsuitable for hiring or continued employment. Employers know that, so stay healthy and aware. If you’re struggling with addiction, please get help.

Read the rest here.


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