Startup Technology: Where to Begin

Article published on on May 24th, 2016.

Starting a business is no small task. Once you decide on what your business is going to be and have all of the legalities taken care of to make you official, there are a few things to set up early on that will help you in this age of modern business and technology.

Data Back Ups

In modern times, reliance on computers to be perfect is our greatest crux, as we know no other way – and yet we also know they will let us down. The best advice is to be prepared for the worst- that is, backup everything! This means you need to have extra copies of your sales, your data, and your ideas. I recommend going through a checklist similar to this one to ensure that your backup system or plan is most effective and foolproof. Because if it’s not, the results could destroy all you’ve worked for.

Read the rest of my suggestions over at Businesszone’s site!


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