Alcohol Irresponsibility and the Toll It Takes on Our Creative Communities


Photo by Jason Kuffer (permission obtained by Pyragraph);
Article is property of
Published on June 3rd, 2016.

Throughout history, alcohol has been the drug that brings together people of all ages, classes, social cliques and backgrounds. It’s an important part of our local communities as well. Of course, a lot of damage has been done due to booze abuse, whether it’s abuse by the drinker or the bartender. Regardless, people using and distributing alcohol irresponsibly has taken quite the toll on our local art spaces. At least in my home city of Boise, venues have been shut down for such a thing.

I want to touch on a couple ways that our art communities suffer due to alcohol irresponsibility. This is more than just a “people die when they drive drunk” post, although that’s an important thing to remember anytime alcohol is involved. This is a post about two angles from which alcohol and irresponsibility can ruin an arts community if we, the distributor and the consumer, are not careful.

Read the rest of this piece here!


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