A Musician’s Guide To Simple Drinking

This was published on musicthinktank.com on August 1st, 2016.
It’s probably the sassiest article I’ve ever written.

People always talk about football being America’s pastime, but I still think that title should go to beer, which is also the rest of the world’s pastime. In fact, half of the reason that America’s pastime is football is because watching it often involves drinking beer. It’s a notable observation that athletes and musicians – AKA jocks and band geeks – don’t always have the greatest overlap in interests or other things in common. But they both tend to like beer. The difference between an athlete and a musician is that while the former can’t drink on the job, the latter often do. But as with all drinking, uncontrolled, there can be consequences. Here’s a guide to simple drinking: for musicians.

Enjoy the rest by clicking here!


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