Originally posted on Americans Perspective on August 22nd, 2016.
Picture and article belong to them.


This might seem odd but empathy is one of the most sought after and important characteristics of a good doctor. If you haven’t had an experience with a bad doctor, then congratulations! You lucked out. At the age of 14, I became very sick one summer. My father took me to see a doctor who told me I simply had the flu and that it would pass. My father sometimes recalls that the doctor acted more worried about me covering my hands when I coughed than about me getting better. See, I was limped over a chair, dizzy and nauseous, and had been throwing up and dealing with diarrhea a couple hours beforehand. I didn’t get any better so we went to a different doctor who discovered I had pneumonia. He took the extra time to do an x-ray and check to see if there wasn’t anything the previous doctor missed, instead of jumping to an easier conclusion to get me out of his office. The second doctor had empathy and he helped conquer my sickness because he was actually concerned with my health, not just his paycheck.

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