The Rapidly Changing Business of American Healthcare

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Originally published on September 27th, 2016.

The world of business and medical care intersect in a unique way where I live in the United States. It’s always changing, as we move toward a socialist system and then get pushed back by lawmakers who are terrified that we’re becoming a communist nation. The industry has changed for better or for worse, and here’s some simple examples of that, as well as how changes in practice have affected the business side of things.

Availability of Home-owned First Aid and Medical Equipment
Availability of Home-owned First Aid and Medical Equipment
The medical industry has made it to the home front, literally. The ability to buy over the counter medicine is the most obvious one. But what is maybe more important is the ability to buy certain medical equipment for your houses. First aid kits, for instance, are common in the average American household. Other pieces of equipment – such as splints and braces, walkers, canes, crutches and more – are available to the general public now days. Furthermore, preventative measures, such as (arguably) breathalyzers, are also more available now. While this may take away money from hospitals, the medical industry as a whole has grown because of it and patients benefit as well on both time and cost fronts.

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