The Human Market

Originally published on November 1st, 2016.
This article originally appeared on defines marketing as “a form of communication between you and your customers with the goal of selling your product or service to them.” Often, when we think about marketing we focus on the “selling your product or service” part. However, our keyword should actually be “communication”, which not enough marketing firms focus on, though some are beginning to. We often base our marketing strategies purely on numbers – what percentage of people from this community like our type of product, how often A works and B fails, what sales reports say, etc. Don’t get me wrong, those things are very important. You should never completely discount statistics (always fact check!). However, the market is human – it’s made up of individuals with differences and changing thoughts, ideas, character traits, and interests. People cannot accurately be summed up in a few pages of numbers and percentage signs. Here’s some things to remember about this human market.

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