Using your Non-Business College Degree in Business

Originally published on November 30th (USA)/December 1st (UK).
Article published on

I went to a private liberal arts college that, for all intents and purposes, required me to get multiple minors. While I majored in Business with a focus in Marketing, I also hold minors in Creative Writing and Psychology. Speaking from experience, Business – as a general study – leaves a lot of room for influence from other studies. Literature, Music, History, Science, Philosophy – all of these studies offer skills that matter and are useful in a business field. I would argue that it’s important, if not necessary, to be well rounded, though.

If you can analyze your job and your field from an outside perspective, you’ll have a better overall perception of each deal and decision you make. And “liberal arts” degrees will help provide the thinking skills to make high-level decisions in the business world. I thought we could go a bit more simple than that and cover some broad university studies and how they can help with business specifically. Here are some examples of how other fields of study can inform your business career positively.

Read the whole thing here!


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