Party Recovery


Originally published on October 31st, 2016.
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Note: This article was meant to satirize douchey frat bros but I also got to nerd out and base it around my favorite Aquabats song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it, even though I had to cut some stuff back for the sake of professionalism. Thank you to Dirty and Thirty for being lenient with my silly writing here.

“The ratio of girls to guys is five to one, there hasn’t been a party like this since 1981”. The Aquabats wrote those legendary lyrics in 2000, but maybe you’re experiencing them in 2016. Maybe you DID just have the greatest party ever. Maybe (and from now on I’m assuming) there was a pool, hamburgers, lots of drinks, and a bunch of things you can’t talk about. However, that was last night, and today you have to clean up. Don’t worry though, I’ve made you a schedule.

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The Problem of Business Resources: Convenience Vs. Ethics

Originally published on October 13th, 2016.
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Running a small business is difficult because with less income, there is less you’re able to afford in terms of resources and expansions. However sometimes convenience makes the cheapest options appealing without taking consideration for ethics. However, ethics are still considered by many as an important part of the management world, and are even taught in business school. In the same way we choose every day whether or not to buy from a place like Walmart with slave trade imports rather than locally made goods, we also have to choose whether or not we’re going to use products and services manufactured unethically or that have negative effects on the world around us. Where are we giving our business, and how much does it matter? Does convenience justify the means for it? You decide, but here are some things to think about.

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