6 Essentials for your Band’s Website

Originally published on January 31st, 2017.
Article is property of Dozmia.

I recently bought a domain name, solidifying the officiality of my record label’s website. I had to do some research and read some articles about how to properly build a website, as well as promote it.

Maybe you’re in the same place I am though, and, now that you have a website, you’re in need of some instruction as to the semantics.

I’ve tried to think of every essential you and I might need for our music websites, and thus I’ve been analyzing other musician and label sites to make sure I have all the necessary details. Of course I’m not expecting you or I to get on some crazy “best designed websites ever” list, but I think we can be professional enough to not make a “worst websites” list, right? We can be good without going too fancy.

Read the list here!


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