A Gigging and Tour Prep Checklist for your Band

Originally published on January 25th, 2017.
Article is property of Dozmia.com.

I’ve written about this before, so for the sake of not being too redundant, your first tour could very possibly be a disaster. Granted, all of those rough and smelly experiences will be looked back on hilariously later, and you’ll probably consider it to be the time of your life. Realistically, though, it’ll most likely be a mess, despite the fun you have. So to avoid the most collateral damage you possibly can, I’ve written you up a checklist to go through before you take off for your first show.

1. Bring Enough Money to Not Make Any.
When you plan a vacation, you make sure you can afford it, right? Treat this first run as a vacation. You’ll make a little money off your shows and merch, but things happen: vans break down and get broken into, promoters flake, and shows get cancelled. Road misfortune costs money, and not to say all of the things I just listed will happen, but they are pretty common. If you are able to guarantee a payout (see below), that’s awesome, but sometimes the person promoting the show will screw you over for one reason or another. I know tour managers who have literally had to follow promoters to an ATM to ensure they get paid. The moral of the story is to be wary and bring enough.

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