Is Working From Home Right for You?

Originally published on December 31st, 2016.
Article is property of Logicum.

Many people get excited about working from home due to the prospect of having control over everything. In fact, some people run multi thousand dollar organizations out of the privacy and security of their own bedrooms, kitchens, or living rooms. Of course, while that all sounds great hypothetically, there’s some things you may want to ask yourself first.

How Secure and/or Permanent is your Workplace?

For starters, is your home sustainable as a place for your work? How long will you live there, and should you have to move, how badly will it slow down your business? Should you keep your products and inventory at home, do you have the room for that? And make sure you have the room for proper organization! Your place needs to be big enough to benefit your work rather than ruin it. Furthermore, it should be safe from threats to your business. If your work isn’t secure where you live – as in, the location stops it from being feasible for whatever reason – then working from home might be a bad idea. Always be prepared to leave.

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