Staying Sharp on Tour


Originally published on January 17th, 2017.
Article is property of my friends at Pyragraph.

Okay, so you’re going on tour for a good amount of time. Maybe that’s two weeks, maybe that’s a month. A lot of people I know use nights to drink and van rides to sleep. I like drinking and I love sleeping (especially on long drives). But having hours and hours of downtime, as well as visiting new places, gives a lot of opportunity for personal growth. Every band shows each other new music, and every band has deep, personal conversations about life and differing opinions and experiences. But when everyone’s silent, what are you doing to keep yourself smart?

Read an actual book.
The most obvious one here is to read an actual, stupid, real life book (it is 2017 and Kindles do count as well). There aren’t many ways to become as attentive, learn a variety of perspectives and opinions, and grow yourself artistically as reading. Reading is healthy. Fiction, biographical novels, history, studying—it’s the best way to grow your mind.

Watch movies.
Movies, to me, offer a lot of what books can. While it can get draining to watch a lot of movies at once, there’s a variety of thought and creative ideas in movies and TV shows. I took a movie analysis class in high school where I was taught to pick out key themes and messages in movies and film and then critically evaluate them. But you don’t need a class to teach you how to ask questions like, “What is this saying about the world?” and “Do I agree?” I recommend finding a list of must-see movies you, in fact, haven’t seen most of, and going through them on a longer tour (if you can download them or use 4G in the van).

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