Your Band is Your Brand


Originally published on December 21st, 2016.
Article is property of Pyragraph.

Music (and art in general) is a genuine representation of the inner self. There’s a great quote by Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory/Shai Hulud about the relationship between music and promotion. He basically argues that musicians shouldn’t look at marketing their music as “promotion” in the traditional sense, but rather something they made and are excited to share. I’m of the opinion that one’s music should speak for itself—but it’s also true that the promotion of one’s art can poorly represent it.

If you’re a musician trying to present your music to the world, you need to find a way to use promotional tools in ways that properly represent your creation. Here are some tips.

Ask yourself: What do you like as a music consumer?

Ask yourself what your preferences are for an album package. Start with the artwork—it’s the face of everything you put out. When I was younger, I thought cartoon covers were AWESOME. Catalyst by New Found Glory was my favorite, and AFI’s Very Proud of Ya was similarly enticing to me. These days, I prefer a more minimalist approach. The newest Southtowne Lanes album is a perfect example. It’s pretty simple, but it still conveys the overall feeling of the record.

For active marketing and promotion, think about the way you like to receive information about new music. For me, music videos and song streams are great introductions. I like the simplicity of both. However I also appreciate more in-depth features hyping up a record like interviews, track-by-tracks, etc. Generally I need to be interested in the band already for these types of features, so if you are marketing to folks who have never heard of you, these might not be the best routes.

The point here is to ask yourself what you tend to like in terms of outreach and promotion from bands, because the people who like your music are likely share some similar interests and perceptions of art and the world around them.

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