Staying Positive at Your First Post-College Job

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Originally published on May 12th, 2017.

1. Take Coworker Complaints with a Grain of Salt

Every company has those employees that view it as their task to complain about business as usual. You’ll know who I’m talking about when I say nothing is ever their fault or happenstance. It always falls on someone in charge or another co-worker.

These people might be really good at their jobs, but they feel burned, and expressing their frustrations constantly makes themselves feel better than everyone.

They most likely have many valid complaints as well. No company is perfect. However, when these complaints come up, question them, and honestly ask if it’s something worth stressing or fighting over. Also, be patient – things may change if you give them time.

Take everything as a grain of salt and if the thing being complained about isn’t a big deal or a problem, subtract it from your brain and continue working as usual.

Read the rest of my article over at CareerMetis.


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