5 Signs It’s Time For an Office

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Published on June 26th, 2017.

Are you wondering how to know when you need to move on to a bigger office? Take note, because it might be coming up sooner than you think!

1. You’re Out of Room

Is your entire house stuffed from floor to ceiling by boxes of the products you sell? Are your employees shoulder to shoulder on your couch, or are their desks so close they can see all too well what each other are doing? Does your kitchen have more computers, printers, or other work technology than it does eating utensils?

If your answer to any of these is “yes,” it may be time for a larger place.

A house or apartment can typically only fit so much success before it starts invading too much into the owner’s daily life. I’d say if you or your family are uncomfortable and unable to relax in your home due to work equipment and assets lying around, it may be time to move, though it could make it harder to balance your work and home life when the two are physically separate.

But it could be easier as well, and will change person to person. Consider this: do spouses, roommates, and kids have trouble getting privacy or space? Are you able to relax without physically staring at your work? Adjust accordingly.

Read the rest over here!


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