The Toll Of Debt On A Relationship

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Originally published on July 6th, 2017.

In my personal opinion, material wealth, riches, and greed of any sort should not be a factor in who you love. However, with great money comes great responsibility. If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship you know that there are consequences for unwise choices that affect both people involved, especially if the said couple is married. Suddenly, one person’s bad spending affects the other and stability becomes a thing of the past.

Money is one of the top reasons why people get divorced. Getting past greed, jealousy, and the like are important, but when one spouse’s irresponsibility is hurting the other or their family, it’s not hard to see why that so often becomes trouble in paradise. There’s no doubt that unwise spending habits, debt, and financial instability can break down the trust and comfort in a relationship.

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In Defense Of Video Games

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Originally published on July 5th, 2017.
Shoutout to my college roommate who helped me through the Ocarina of Time since I didn’t own it when I was younger.

I can’t count how many times in my life I’ve heard video gamers referred to as “lazy.” And I guess I get it–I’ve skipped class to play video games. I’ve found myself staring at a screen instead of taking care of responsibilities. It’s natural to be lazy when something is entertaining you.

But that’s the point: anything that entertains you can be a distraction. I reject the notion that all or even most gamers are couch potatoes that don’t get enough sun or can’t socially function. I reject the notion that gamers are less than athletes, artists, or whatever else one might do with their spare time. And I reject the notion that gamers can’t be athletes, artists, etc., as if one hobby has complete say over their total identity.

GeekGirlCon attendees, readers, and those involved know this more than anyone, as a girl gamer is looked upon much less favorably than a male gamer. While it’s still “bad” to be a male gamer, a double standard continues across the board as it does in all things. So for all gamers everywhere, I want to defend gaming–as a practice and a community.

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