Sorry I Got Fat! My Early 20’s Wake Up Call To Get In Shape And Stop Drinking

Originally Published on September 27th, 2017.
Property of Wingman Magazine.

3.Habit is Everything

I’ve been hinting at this the whole article, but getting into good habits is the primary way I’ve been getting in shape. “Consistency” and “habitual” are closely related ideals, and progress requires both. Some people have stricter rules for getting into healthy habits, and that totally works for them. But as I’ve already mentioned, I don’t do well with those. You need to be accustomed to doing the thing you want to, even if progress is slow.

Don’t forget, unrealistic expectations are stupid. But that does not mean you should not be surrounding yourself with opportunity and encouragement on a regular basis as to meet healthy goals.

On nights I can’t go to the gym for very long, I go for a little bit. I feel like all of this is pretty straight forward, and I don’t have a ton to write about it because of that, but really it’s the most important thing in personal health progressions.

Read about how incredibly healthy I am (I kid, I kid) here.


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