I’ve played in bands and been an active part of my local (and regional) music community for a little while now. If you’re curious, here’s a list of releases I’ve been a part of, disregarding compilations, because those are sort of scattered and random. Also, check out my record label, Hidden Home Records, and download the music I’ve put out through it from Bandcamp.

The Notescript (thankfully defunct)
OMED – 2006 – guitar, vocals

Rest on This (defunct)
Demo – 2010 – guitar, vocals

Sheep Among Wolves (defunct)
He Moves – 2012 – bass, guitar, gang vocals
Mixed Nuts EP (Hidden Home Records) – 2015 – guitar, vocals
Split with CROWN (Hidden Home Records) – 2016 – guitar, vocals

Rob Lanterman
Dorm Room Demos – 2013 – guitar, vocals
Octourber Sessions
– 2015 – guitar, vocals
Gingerkicker (Hidden Home Records) – 2017 – guitar, vocals

Urban Outfielders
The Grandest Slams (Hidden Home Records, Ronald Records) – 2017 – guitar, backing vocals (credited as Romeo Rodriguez Jr.)

Fred Sheeran
Fred Sheeran – 2017 – guitar, vocals

Forward Through The Pain (Octocorn Records) – 2018 – vocals

Guest Spots
False Idle
Threat (Thumper Punk Records) – 2013 – guitar on “New Brand of Revolution”, gang vocals throughout

Why the Fuck Would Anything Nice Ever Happen? (WavePop, Ronald Records) – 2015 – vocals on “Pizza This is the Place games”, gang vocals throughout

There Is Always Something To Worry About (Flesh and Bone Records) – 2017 – gang vocals throughout

Studio Work
Big O

Nothing is the Same – 2016 – bass, backing vocals
DIY Till I Die or until someone else does it for me – 2017 – bass

More to come!