Maintaining A Relationship While Touring

Originally published on October 13th, 2017.
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Many of my friends at this point in life are touring musicians, and many of them are dating people they are not touring with. It’s no mystery that dating on the road can be hard. I mean, how many songs have been written about the subject?

Any podcast that has to do with DIY touring will tell you that in the 90s there were a lot of stop-and-go, using the payphone, sending letters and postcards, paging significant others, and other stressful situations happening in those days.

Distance will always be hard. But if we’re being honest, it’s easier now than it ever has been. It’s a bad excuse to say you don’t ever get to talk or keep in communication with your significant other if you have your own cell phone. It’s an even worse excuse if you have a smartphone.

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Album Review: Coffee Project – ‘Wasted Love’


Originally published on October 8th, 2017.
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If you’re not familiar with Coffee Project, let me give you a quick introduction. The duo hail from Gainesville and include Buddy from Less Than Jake and Jake who used to be in Rehasher. Imagine catchy and fast pop punk on an acoustic guitar, then add a trombone. Then imagine that every terrible band you’ve ever heard try something like this wasn’t terrible and were actually awesome. That’s basically Coffee Project. Their bandcamp says they “play upbeat catchy singalong acoustic songs that feel more like a punk rock show and less like a coffee shop gig” and that description is pretty accurate it seems.

That said, Coffee Project is truly one my favorite bands I feel I don’t hear enough from. Their new 7”, Wasted Love, which is out now on A-F Records (the label owned by Anti-Flag) comes off as a simple break up record upon seeing the artwork and hearing the title track. But I’m not sure that’s a fair analysis.

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Caring for Your Aging Parents on a Budget

Published on September 28th, 2017.

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In the great circle of life, caretaker roles tend to reverse as a human gets older. Often, the children they once raised up become the ones taking care of them.

In this world of strange reverse parenting, those charged with taking care of their parents do so knowing the risks of increased financial and emotional stress. See, not only do they have to provide for their own needs in addition to those of their parents, but many of them have kids themselves to look after.

As your parent or loved one gets older and starts to require more care, you may feel discouraged, and no reasonable person would blame you. Nobody can tell you this is easy, but we hope to share some tips that will at least help with the financial aspect. Here are some options you may not have thought about when it comes to taking care of your elderly parent.

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Sorry I Got Fat! My Early 20’s Wake Up Call To Get In Shape And Stop Drinking

Originally Published on September 27th, 2017.
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3.Habit is Everything

I’ve been hinting at this the whole article, but getting into good habits is the primary way I’ve been getting in shape. “Consistency” and “habitual” are closely related ideals, and progress requires both. Some people have stricter rules for getting into healthy habits, and that totally works for them. But as I’ve already mentioned, I don’t do well with those. You need to be accustomed to doing the thing you want to, even if progress is slow.

Don’t forget, unrealistic expectations are stupid. But that does not mean you should not be surrounding yourself with opportunity and encouragement on a regular basis as to meet healthy goals.

On nights I can’t go to the gym for very long, I go for a little bit. I feel like all of this is pretty straight forward, and I don’t have a ton to write about it because of that, but really it’s the most important thing in personal health progressions.

Read about how incredibly healthy I am (I kid, I kid) here.

Canadian/Mexican Bands Coming To The US: Pay Attention!

Originally published on September 22nd, 2017.
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If I wanted to travel from Idaho to Canada and play music for a month, I could do so free of charge. If you live in Canada and want to cross the border to play in the United States, it’s much more complicated. Why is this? Well, the United States can be pretty hostile to foreign travelers, as most of us are aware. Additionally, navigating a new culture and place in a foreign country can be hard. In addition to your normal road trip preparations, there are a bunch of legal complications you need to account for. I want to talk about some of them here and hopefully your band won’t struggle as much while you try to play music and enjoy these troubled states.

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The Place Of Physical Branding & Advertising Today


Originally published on September 20th, 2017.
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As young as I am at 25, I still find it fascinating how much the world has changed with technology in my lifetime. While my parents still have the paper delivered to their door, I don’t know the last time I saw them sit down with a cup of coffee and read it like they used to. Additionally, advertisements in gaming and music magazines used to be how I found new artists and video games. Now I get most of that on the internet.

It’s odd to think that magazine ads, billboards, newspaper clippings — physical advertising formats — do not carry the same importance as they did only a short time ago. This begs the question, is there any need for physical advertising in 2017?

Personally, I think there is. In fact, I would still say it is crucial. After all, many of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time had a strong physical advertising component to them. But since transitioning into this digital age, we now have to view physical advertising through a different lens.

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What’s Appropriate for a Small Label to Ask of Their Artists

Originally Published on September 20th, 2017.
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Originally, I planned on calling this article “Things No DIY Label Should Ask of Its Artists.” What I realized in doing research is that, contrary to what I had previously thought and as is common in life, there is two sides to every thing and almost always an exception to rules that I had thought were clearly black and white. So I want to give this article space to start and encourage a discussion about how labels treat their artists and vice versa. Let me give a little bit of background first though.

A friend recently approached me and asked about a deal his band was being offered with an independent record label. The label was not going to press physical copies for them and in exchange for only promotion and digital distribution was going to take the masters of their record. To me, this seemed like a bad deal. If you’re a small label that no one has ever heard of — which this label was — why would you ask a band to give everything they have to you, with little no physical return? I suppose if each party makes a lot of money because this label is somehow magic at promotion, but I still don’t think it’s worth your masters.

This got me thinking and I reached out to some people — label owners primarily — to see what made them cringe when they heard about dealings of fellow labels and artists. Here’s what they came up with.

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Why Tracking Attention and Awareness is Important in a Digital Age

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Originally published on July 31st, 2017.

Products flop.

They just do.

In the digital age, brand loyalty and awareness techniques have had to change and adapt because people are always engaged with their digital devices and involved online.

You need to go where your customers are, not the other way around.

So how do you track overall success when something goes awry?

It’s about visibility in front of potential customers, who ultimately determine what the market looks like.

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The Toll Of Debt On A Relationship

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Originally published on July 6th, 2017.

In my personal opinion, material wealth, riches, and greed of any sort should not be a factor in who you love. However, with great money comes great responsibility. If you’ve ever been in a serious relationship you know that there are consequences for unwise choices that affect both people involved, especially if the said couple is married. Suddenly, one person’s bad spending affects the other and stability becomes a thing of the past.

Money is one of the top reasons why people get divorced. Getting past greed, jealousy, and the like are important, but when one spouse’s irresponsibility is hurting the other or their family, it’s not hard to see why that so often becomes trouble in paradise. There’s no doubt that unwise spending habits, debt, and financial instability can break down the trust and comfort in a relationship.

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In Defense Of Video Games

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Originally published on July 5th, 2017.
Shoutout to my college roommate who helped me through the Ocarina of Time since I didn’t own it when I was younger.

I can’t count how many times in my life I’ve heard video gamers referred to as “lazy.” And I guess I get it–I’ve skipped class to play video games. I’ve found myself staring at a screen instead of taking care of responsibilities. It’s natural to be lazy when something is entertaining you.

But that’s the point: anything that entertains you can be a distraction. I reject the notion that all or even most gamers are couch potatoes that don’t get enough sun or can’t socially function. I reject the notion that gamers are less than athletes, artists, or whatever else one might do with their spare time. And I reject the notion that gamers can’t be athletes, artists, etc., as if one hobby has complete say over their total identity.

GeekGirlCon attendees, readers, and those involved know this more than anyone, as a girl gamer is looked upon much less favorably than a male gamer. While it’s still “bad” to be a male gamer, a double standard continues across the board as it does in all things. So for all gamers everywhere, I want to defend gaming–as a practice and a community.

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