5 Great Online Resources to Help Release Your Next Album


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Originally published on April 8th, 2019.
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So your band just finalized your next release, and you want to get it out into the world and into the ears of listeners everywhere. It’s 2019; the internet is how people find new music. Sure, it’s saturated out there, but let’s be honest — the reach that the web gives little musicians like us is substantial. And with all the available tech and tools out there, the term “DIY” has taken on a whole new meaning.

You can do a decent job marketing your music totally on your own, without any label backing, especially if it’s an early release. You can set reasonable goals (and we can help you with that), but you have to put some work in if you’re going to actually achieve them. Your ultimate objective should be getting music to those exact people who will want to hear it, and who will influence others to discover it. In marketing, they call this your “target audience.”

So the question is: How can you set yourself up in the best way possible, without doing six months worth of work, to get your new music heard by an “I’ve-never-heard-of-your-band-before” listener?

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The Difference: SEO Content and Content Marketing

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Originally published on December 21st, 2018.

In the current age of digital marketing, content is widely considered king. By content, I am referring to written content. Every digital marketing business focuses heavily on it nowadays. You’ll find it in their About pages and their job descriptions, and it’s rare to even find a business without a blog. Content and marketing go hand in hand in the digital realm. However, you may have actually heard the term “content marketing” before, which is different than just content, as well as simple marketing.

I’ve been a freelance writer in the marketing world for four years and worked for a large part of that creating written content. I’ve also had a hand in search engine optimization (SEO) content writing. The two have a lot in common — both are forms of marketing,; both work in large part through guest posts on other websites; and both involve the use of hyperlinks within text. But the differences sometime confuse businesses that are new to digital, written content. So here is a basic rundown of what each are, and how they might go together or be used in conjunction.

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Man and cute cat
Originally published on December 17th, 2018.
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Roommates can be great and they can also be a challenge. If you’ve ever had a roommate and a pet, you may have experienced the struggle of living with someone who isn’t quite as pet-savvy as you.

Their lack of sophistication with pets doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like pets, and it may just mean they’re inexperienced in being a caretaker. As a cat or pet owner, there are basic responsibilities that come with sharing a living space with both an animal and another human. It’s important to consider how living with another person will affect your pet.

If you’re dealing with roommates who aren’t respectful of your pet – you’ll need to, at very least, have a talk. And it should go without saying that any mistreatment or mishandling of your pet should not be tolerated. Here we offer some tips on how to talk to a roommate and what to do if none of your efforts seem to be going well. Ultimately, as the pet’s owner, you are responsible for your pet’s health and safety.

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The Importance of Record Keeping For A Band

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Originally published on November 8th, 2018.

If you’re an active musician who enjoys payment in any way, you’ll probably have to do taxes eventually. Unless you’re giving all of your music and merchandise for free, you may have already missed an important amount of work that could get you in trouble with the government. That’s normal — musicians don’t always think about it, happy their art is finally making back more than what they’re putting in. But eventually, it needs to be addressed.

See, when you have a band, in a lot of ways you are running your own small business. You are selling a product, no matter how much integrity you have in putting it together. And where there’s a profit, there’s taxes to be done and records to be kept. If you don’t get this taken care of, it could ruin your band/music later.

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Maintaining Transparency as a Leader


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Originally published on November 8th, 2018.

Transparency is important. This does not mean your home life has to drip into your professional life or that you need to tell your employees every single problem you’re currently facing after hours.

However, the manner in which you handle issues with employees, share company struggles with them, and how you handle your own mistakes, are matters you can’t overlook.

It all comes back to transparency. Stay in control by showing some humility and practicing honesty. Stay a transparent leader, but a leader nonetheless.

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Musicians and Their Online Personas

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Published on September 26th, 2018.

Almost two years ago, I wrote an article for this website about how the internet has a tendency to hurt your musical career. I stand by this article, but I think it’s important to continually change and recognize your approach to the internet as an artist. Because as much as it has made things harder, it has probably made more things easier. That’s right folks — you have to take the good with the bad. Ultimately, your online persona is your first impression for most people who may become your listeners.

Younger me was pessimistic and unfortunately took pride in being so. Older, wiser, more prestigious me is a bit more thankful. Or maybe I’m just writing that to fill this paragraph. Oh well! Here is the lowdown on the importance of navigating your music career through the internet: what you need to do with it, where we’re going, and how to maintain a reputation.

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Catering E-Mail To Its Audience


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Originally Published on August 20th, 2018.
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Marketing e-mails are fairly easy to fall to the wayside. You and I, despite our best spam filters, get them all the time from people we don’t care to hear from or have any business dealing with. The concept gets turned onto its head when those emails are necessary and sincere, whether this means marketing or not, but they’re disregarded due to association with spam. Even when someone is put on a mailing list, for instance, you messages may seemingly get the “delete” or “read” button just because they blend in so well with the others.

So how do we as marketers, thought leaders, social media experts, and other business professionals differentiate our emails from the other millions that hit inboxes every day? It comes down to first impressions and substance. There are a few ways to control this to the best of your ability, so focusing on those primarily is what will get your emails opened and hopefully responded to. These little tweaks can be the difference between a successful campaign or business venture and an unsuccessful one, so listen up!

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Things to Consider When Setting Up a Business From Home


Published on August 10th, 2018.
Article originally published on Business Achievers.
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Before turning your home into your workplace or office consider whether or not you literally have the room for it. A lot of factors come into this — for instance, are you only working from a computer? Do you have employees? Do you store inventory at your home as well? If you can’t store inventory there, do you have the money for a place to store it?

Is the room you are considering working in comfortable, not too dark, not too bright? Does it have plenty of sockets for plugging things in? Do you have a comfortable workspace and chair?

Will you be able to write off tax against using a room or rooms in your home for your business?

Will you need to or want to refinance your mortgage to help fund the business?

What insurance considerations are there? Many home insurance policies don’t cover businesses run from the house.

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The Journey of Turning Your Side Gig Into a Lucrative Career


Published on May 9th.
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A lot of us are in the position of having side gigs that we could make more money at, but it seems too challenging and risky to try and take a step toward that. After all, financial security is important — bills need to be paid, families need to be provided for, and there needs to be some safety nets for the future!

But the great thing about a lot of side gigs is that they often start as hobbies that have simply proven to be a little bit more lucrative than we ever thought. It seems a shame to not at least inspect the possibility of making something we love into our careers, doesn’t it? I want to explore this with you, as I’m in the same boat. When it’s done, feel free to leave a comment with your opinions or advice. Maybe we can learn from each other!

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The Legalities Of Touring

Originally published on June 19th, 2018.
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Band or Business?

If you’re selling merch or getting paid for shows, then your band has officially become a business. If you start getting a lot more than you put in — as in, you’re netting over $400 — then you are legally required to pay taxes on that. Thankfully, there are some easy write offs in this case: vehicle maintenance, travel expenses, and food.

Now, if you’re selling merch, you and your bandmates may want to talk amongst yourselves about whether or not you want to register the band legally as a business. You may have to adhere to certain laws — for instance, if at any point you were making a killing and had people working for you full time, you may have to get them insurance coverage, like any other small business. So think carefully before you make this official, because while it may be a good idea on one hand, it could be a lot more than you bargained for.

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