Social Media Marketing Part 1: Paid Advertisements

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Originally published on January 27th, 2019.

Social media marketing isn’t optional – though it can be complex. The cultural zeitgeist has social media in the center of everyday life, and this won’t change any time soon with the popularity of mobile smart devices. Thus, companies must know how to use social platforms to their advantage.

One of the most misunderstood aspects of social media marketing is paid advertising. We’re going to break down the basics with you, so you can experiment and make the most of paid social media marketing in 2020.

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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Executive Coaches: Werq Case Study

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Originally published on January 17th, 2020.

Werq is an executive and team performance coaching firm headquartered in Austin, TX. Werq partners with founders, CEOs, and executive leaders to optimize their influence and results through assessing, building, and developing peak performing teams. The company was founded by CEO Ilana Zivkovich and Strategic Advisor Steve Hicks in 2018.

Initially, Werq’s day-to-day administrative operations were being handled solely by the CEO, Ilana Zivkovich. Because the company had a great business model and a lot of success with clients, it grew quickly and made giant strides within the first year.

But as regularly happens with great businesses, the workload became too much for one person to handle. Due to the success she was seeing, Ilana needed someone to come alongside her and ensure the company continued growing smoothly. Werq needed a helping hand as their clientele and responsibilities increased. 

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How to Show Holiday Appreciation—Remotely

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Originally published on December 12th, 2019.

Remote employment is convenient, easy, and freeing. But as the Trusty Oak family have written about many times, it’s easy for remote employees to feel like an island. Not to sound like anyone’s grandparents, but the distractions of technology do sometimes make it harder to find the human connection we need.

As the holidays approach, many of us will prepare to celebrate traditions that honor our loved ones. In turn, businesses will try to do the same for their employees. But it might be a bit harder for those that employ remote workers. In fact, Harvard Business School did a study in which they found that remote employees often feel undervalued by the companies they work for. In short, they don’t feel highly prioritized. This time of year is a perfect excuse to show your remote employees that their work and presence in your company is valued, and we at Trusty Oak have some ideas on how to do this.

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Interview: Foxy Dads

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Originally posted on October 28th, 2019.

If there’s one word that could accurately describe Foxy Dads front person Ilana Hope, it’s “genuine.” The 23-year old Long Island native has been producing their brand of infectiously earnest bedroom pop for the last several years. While the name Foxy Dads itself may seem silly, (as would the band’s online presence, which frequently includes shorthand text-type and cannabis references), that changes as soon as you meet them in person. Everything — even the joking — comes from a real place and is very sincere.

The new Foxy Dads album, ICYMI (which is internet shorthand for “In Case You Missed It”) came out on October 18th and was released by both Chatterbot Records and Open Door Records. The album walks a fine line between vulnerable and fun, like pop music for emo kids.

I caught up with Hope at one of their favorite cafes in Brooklyn to talk about the new album, mid-00’s pop music, The Fest in Gainesville, New York DIY, and what weed really means to them.

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Prince Daddy & The Hyena -Cosmic Thrill Seekers (Review)

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Originally published on October 7th, 2019.

The Albany quartet’s new album Cosmic Thrill Seekers is shamelessly informed by American Idiot and The Black Parade, yet has more in common with records by Jeff Rosenstock and Pup. Reportedly, it was produced to sound like “the soundtrack to a Disney film played by a punk rock band” and thematically draws heavily from the Wizard of Oz. The record more or less chronicles the cyclical aftermath of an acid trip had by vocalist/guitarist Kory Gregory and is separated into three different “acts”: the heart, the brain, and the roar (the latter defined by Gregory as a destructive sense of “courage”). What resulted from this experience is possibly the most innovative punk record to come out this year.

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DS Interview: Josiah Hughes (Blink-155 Podcast)


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Originally published on September 11th, 2019.

Two Canadian sellouts started a podcast in which they discuss every single blink-182 song. They titled it Blink-155, named after the amount of songs the band had at the podcast’s inception. Two years in, Exclaim! journalist Josiah Hughes (also of Pre Nup) and major label shill Sam Sutherland (also of Junior Battles) are well past 100 episodes and make over $1,300 a month in Patreon support.

To get to the bottom of this senseless endeavor, I interrupted Hughes mid-settling in to his new Montreal apartment to talk about if Dude Ranch is a dirty joke, being friends with the singer of Imagine Dragons, and why he started a blink-182 podcast.

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5 Great Online Resources to Help Release Your Next Album


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Originally published on April 8th, 2019.
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So your band just finalized your next release, and you want to get it out into the world and into the ears of listeners everywhere. It’s 2019; the internet is how people find new music. Sure, it’s saturated out there, but let’s be honest — the reach that the web gives little musicians like us is substantial. And with all the available tech and tools out there, the term “DIY” has taken on a whole new meaning.

You can do a decent job marketing your music totally on your own, without any label backing, especially if it’s an early release. You can set reasonable goals (and we can help you with that), but you have to put some work in if you’re going to actually achieve them. Your ultimate objective should be getting music to those exact people who will want to hear it, and who will influence others to discover it. In marketing, they call this your “target audience.”

So the question is: How can you set yourself up in the best way possible, without doing six months worth of work, to get your new music heard by an “I’ve-never-heard-of-your-band-before” listener?

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The Difference: SEO Content and Content Marketing

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Originally published on December 21st, 2018.

In the current age of digital marketing, content is widely considered king. By content, I am referring to written content. Every digital marketing business focuses heavily on it nowadays. You’ll find it in their About pages and their job descriptions, and it’s rare to even find a business without a blog. Content and marketing go hand in hand in the digital realm. However, you may have actually heard the term “content marketing” before, which is different than just content, as well as simple marketing.

I’ve been a freelance writer in the marketing world for four years and worked for a large part of that creating written content. I’ve also had a hand in search engine optimization (SEO) content writing. The two have a lot in common — both are forms of marketing,; both work in large part through guest posts on other websites; and both involve the use of hyperlinks within text. But the differences sometime confuse businesses that are new to digital, written content. So here is a basic rundown of what each are, and how they might go together or be used in conjunction.

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Man and cute cat
Originally published on December 17th, 2018.
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Roommates can be great and they can also be a challenge. If you’ve ever had a roommate and a pet, you may have experienced the struggle of living with someone who isn’t quite as pet-savvy as you.

Their lack of sophistication with pets doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t like pets, and it may just mean they’re inexperienced in being a caretaker. As a cat or pet owner, there are basic responsibilities that come with sharing a living space with both an animal and another human. It’s important to consider how living with another person will affect your pet.

If you’re dealing with roommates who aren’t respectful of your pet – you’ll need to, at very least, have a talk. And it should go without saying that any mistreatment or mishandling of your pet should not be tolerated. Here we offer some tips on how to talk to a roommate and what to do if none of your efforts seem to be going well. Ultimately, as the pet’s owner, you are responsible for your pet’s health and safety.

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The Importance of Record Keeping For A Band

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Originally published on November 8th, 2018.

If you’re an active musician who enjoys payment in any way, you’ll probably have to do taxes eventually. Unless you’re giving all of your music and merchandise for free, you may have already missed an important amount of work that could get you in trouble with the government. That’s normal — musicians don’t always think about it, happy their art is finally making back more than what they’re putting in. But eventually, it needs to be addressed.

See, when you have a band, in a lot of ways you are running your own small business. You are selling a product, no matter how much integrity you have in putting it together. And where there’s a profit, there’s taxes to be done and records to be kept. If you don’t get this taken care of, it could ruin your band/music later.

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